Get Your Story Heard: How to Craft a Winning Press Release

Whether you’re launching a new product[1], hosting a big event, or hiring an industry-recognized guru, there’s no better publicity for your company than a positive news story (or a few) highlighting your big announcement.

But, how do you get those stories placed? While social media has changed the way brands interact with the media[2], there’s still value—and opportunity—in traditional PR methods. Enter: the press release. It’s been around for a long time, but a good press release can still be the key to sparking the interest of journalists and news outlets when you’ve got a big announcement, and communicating to them the basic information they need to run a story.

First, though, there are a few things you should know before issuing a release. While many communication tools allow for flexibility and creativity, press releases follow a specific structure. Let’s take a look at a tried-and-true template—one that will ensure you’re covering the basics, while arming you with a few suggestions on how to make your release stand out from the pack.


The headline is your announcement in a nutshell. It’s also the first thing the media will see, and the hook that will encourage them to read on (or not). So, take your time crafting a compelling one. Be specific, highlight the most exciting part of your announcement[3], and save any details for the body of the text.

For example, which headline would you be more inspired to read? “‘Stand Up for Start-Ups’ Event to Feature 200 Founders from Leading International Start-Ups,” or “XYZ Company Announces Event in New York on June 30.”

Opening Paragraph

A release should always begin with the state where it’s being distributed and the date you’re sending it, followed by a brief, one-sentence summary of the announcement. This can include information similar to what’s in your headline, just with a bit more detail.

For example, “NEW YORK – MAY 30, 2011 – XYZ Company today announced its first event dedicated to connecting start-up founders from around the world with their innovative, game-changing peers[4].”

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